August 21, 2012

Popovers for Tuesday's with Dorie


I never had a popover until today though I have heard a lot about them. My girlfriend raves about the Yorkshire pudding and roast beef her mother made at Christmas. Popovers remind me of choux pastry with the eggy interior. I think I over cooked mine a little bit as the interior wasn't too wet and the outside was really crunchy. I served a beef stew for dinner and the popovers were really great dipped into the broth. I don't know if I will make them again, perhaps the Yorkshire style using the hot oiled pan which might make them a bit softer. 

Today's recipe is part of the Tuesday's with Dorie challenge where the recipes are selected from Dorie Greenspan's cookbook Baking with Julia. I received this cookbook in 1997 from my sister and I fondly remember watching the program on PBS.  I rely on the book for the basics and its cracked spine is a testament to my using it as a cross reference when I am looking at other similar recipes. 

For the popover recipe check out  Paula at Vintage Kitchen Notes or Amy at Bake With Amy
I look forward to trying new recipes that I would not choose for myself with TWD.



Cher Rockwell said...

Welcome aboard - your meal looks lovely!

Teresa said...

Your popovers look lovely and I like your choice to serve them with the stew. Great photos!