October 16, 2012





Today's Tuesday's with Dorie are Bagels from the Baking with Julia Cookbook based on Julia Child's PBS series of the same title.

I have made bagels before this recipe the difference being I used my bread machine for the dough and the recipe did not have nearly as many steps, and they didn't turn out as nicely as this recipe. I like recipes that explain why you are supposed to do something like roll the dough into balls to develop the gluten on the outside of the bagel so it keeps it shape - I do this kind of rolling when I make rolls but didn't know why. This recipe has quite a few techniques that I found useful.  I read the directions to remove the bagels from the water bath to the floured towel but then didn't quite get where I was moving them too, either a peel or the flour covered towel? Not wanting to bake on my stone I lined a baking sheet with parchment to prevent the egg white wash causing the bagels to stick to the pan as I knew I would never be able to wash the bagels so neatly that it did not drip! What a tall order that is. I did forget that parchment should only be used up to 425F so it burned just a bit but my bagels did not stick! 

I have not tried a bagel yet but plan on having one with my tea in the morning! 

Find the recipe over at Heather's Bytes.






smarkies said...

have you tried one of your bagels yet? I am sure they tasted great!

Sweet and That's it said...

Only two comments so far? Can hardly believe it: your pictures and bagels look fantastic.
Hope the whole group will come and visit you.

I have no doubt that you must have loved them, if they taste the way the look.
Well done.