Movies and Miniseries


Girls (final season)
The Five - 
The Durrells in Corfu
Father Brown (Seasons 1-5) -
Shameless - bbc version in progress
Once Upon A Time - Disney series in progress
Leftovers - The last and final season of Leftovers.  Kevin and Nora in Australia and a sort of explanation of what happened on that fateful October day.
Offspring -  The last season of this light hearted Australian show following the love life and crazy family of Dr. Nina Proudman.
Hinterland - The latest season of Hinterland is just as moody and cinematographic as the first two seasons, though the story line took a typical turn that seems to a favorite of British serial drama writers these days.  I felt like I have seen it play out in another series. Love Richard Harrington as DI Tom Mathias.
Bloodline - This series is taking some time to watch as the constant state of tension is sometimes hard to bear.  This family is outwardly perfect and balanced running their Florida Key's hotel but behind closed doors they are liars, secret keepers, murderers, drug dealers, back stabbers, users all looking for their mom and dad's (the late Sam Shepard played the patriarch Robert Rayburn).  Sissy Spacek's character is outwardly one thing but she is as shifty as her late son Danny.
Shetland - Decent series with DI Perez - I wish they didn't victimize and drain the life out of the strong female detective, Tosh.
The 4400 - Soap opera like show about 4400 people abducted from the 1950s to the current time frame of the early 2000s all with unique abilities.  Aliens or future?  The writing is pulpish with the actor's saying silly lines.
Absolutely Fabulous - A rewatch of a show I only saw sporadically on PBS when you could get the basic channels without having cable.
The Doctor Blake Mysteries - Doctor Blake back from the Malayan war, takes over his dad's medical practice and is the medical examiner in a small Australian town.  Typical boiler plate - burdened by war past, likes to sleuth, always has the best intuitive skills, makes social gaffes, is hated by people in charge....sounds like Granchester.  Easy to watch when preparing dinnner.
Sense 8 - 8 people are "birthed" with a new sense - they can sense  and interact with the 8 people all born on the exact day and time in their group especially in times of need.  Each person has a strength that benefits the other group members and the group as a whole.  They are being hunted (similar to Orphan Black as they are an experiment the government wants to utilize for nefarious purposes) but they do it in a setting of gay pride, transgender, club scene drug taking, abuse - all the issues of the day. The series was cancelled but I am happy to hear they are making a 2 hour final episode as it left off on a cliff hanger.
Midsomer Murders (Seasons 1-13) - Easy to watch detective series showcasing DI Barnaby, his several sergeants, his wife, Joyce, a notoriously bad cook and struggling actress daughter. I watched when I had sewing to do.
Marcella - After a her husband leaves her, Marcella is welcomed back to work as a DI.  She is moody, has black outs when she is in a rage.  Her violence and vulnerability are a nice combination.
The OA - Brit Marling, of Another Earth, wrote and produced this excellent series about a missing blind young woman, Prairie (played by Brit Marling), who returns with her sight.  Many interesting and thought provoking twists and turns.  The series is understanding of the human condition from our messy selfish angry lives to the triumphs of doing good, standing up for someone, and simple love. So cleverly written.
Travelers - Interesting sci-fi of future humans returning to the 21st century to save the world but because they are humans royally messing it up. Everyone should watch this show - it could be our future.  
Stranger Things - good concept the kid characters are interesting but too much yelling and somewhat unbelievable dialogue from the male child actors - interested in knowing more about Eleven.
Larkrise and Candleford - the English version of Little House on the Prairie with the main character named Laura like Laura Ingalls, Pearl Pratt as Nellie Oleson, Ruby Pratt as Nels Oleson, Dorcas Lane as a combo of Caroline and Charles Ingalls, Twister and Queenie as Isaiah Edwards and Robert Timmins somewhat like Charles Ingalls.
Broadchurch - the last season
The Fall - seasons 2 & 3 The latest season with Gillian Anderson as cool headed feminist Stella Gibson.  She says things, I could only wish to think to say.


Hotel Beau Séjour
Vexed - Starring Maggie Smith's son as a goof ball detective, DI Jack Armstrong.
Parade's End - Series with B. Cumberbatch playing a morally upright character who is thwarted by evil people on all sides and yet he goes forward without retaliation like a Buddhist monk doing what is right no matter what people say or do to damage him, including his wife.
River - Stellan  Skaarsgaard is great in this moody drama
Offspring - all 5 seasons
Orphan Black - season 4
Fleabag - loved a must see - Phoebe Waller-Bridges writing and acting as the main character , Fleabag, is a clever combination of wit and human fraility.
Home Fires
Amber - Irish murder - not good - poor writing
Endeavor - seasons 1-3
Inspector Lewis - seasons 1-9
Mr. Robot - loved
High Maintenance web & HBO - superb series that quietly leads the viewer towards thinking positively about different lifestyles.
Downton Abbey - all seasons - watched all the seasons in one go (over several weeks) as I missed many episodes during the PBS airings. This series was meant to play year by year as I left the series thinking that all the rich class did during that time frame was dress for a meal and eat a meal, visit, take tea and talk.
The Kettering Incident - most excellent series - a dark moody mystery drama set in Tasmania tells a tale of missing girls, chemical poisonings or alien invasions or ..... I can't wait for the 2nd season. Elizabeth Debicki's Dr. Macy is complex and interesting character.
Grace and Frankie
X Files - all nine seasons This series too, has a formula that becomes repetitious viewed on Netflix.  I wonder if the writers knew what a victim Sgt. Scully was  - she took a lot of blows to the head than a prize winning boxer and should be suffering from Parkinson's, in addition to being nearly a permanent multiple kidnap victim.
The Republic of Doyle
Twin Peaks - entire series
Penny Dreadful - Love this series, it is darkly romantic and weirdly religious and cultish at the same time.  The writing is a clever blending of the stories of Frankenstein, Dracula, Dorian Gray, the Wild West cowboy culture and....  
Grim - stopped in first season too formulaic - though an interesting concept
Justified - stopped in first 10 minutes don't waste your time.

Grantchester -
Happy Valley -loved Sarah Lancashire's Sgt. Cawood!
The Americans
Outlander - probably won't finish series especially after the episode where Jamie is raped.  It was torture to watch it and it carried on far too long.  
Orphan Black - season 1-3
Top of the Lake - loved this with Holly Hunter
Broadchurch - such twists and turns and tormented characters
Grace and Frankie
Wallender - Swedish version - so much better than Kenneth Branagh's overacted version of Wallender.
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Jack Taylor
True Detective
Game of Thrones
The Tudors

Worricker Trilogy
Les Revenants (The Returned) excellent series
Getting On  - loved this
House of Cards
House of Lies - started but couldn't finish
The Americans
Da Vinci's Demons
Game of Thrones
The Bletchley Circle
Engrenage (Spiral) love this one
True Detective
The Missing
The Paradise
The Fall

The Fall
Wallander - Swedish - preferred the Swedish version
Wallander - BBC
George Gently
Foyle's War
Game of Thrones
The Killing
Breaking Bad
Rosemary and Thyme
Doc Martin

Series watched over the years:
The Sopranos
Prime Suspect
Six Feet Under
Absolutely Fabulous
Inspector Morse
Inspector Lynley
Arrested Development
Monarch of the Glen
Fawlty Towers
Twin Peaks
Northern Exposure
Keeping Up Appearances
As Time Goes By

Started Series but Couldn't Finish:
Father Brown
House of Lies
American Horror Story
Big Love
Dr. Who
The Office

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