September 4, 2012

Upside Down Nectarine Chiffon Cake



Chiffon cake has always been a mystery for me as it sounded so light, airy and delicate so complicated but to my surprise it was as straight forward as any other cake recipe. In fact if you have ever made waffles beating your eggs and egg whites separately then folding them together, you can make a chiffon cake.  Today's TWD recipe is an nectarine upside down cake from Mary Bergin in the Baking with Julia cookbook.  There were some parts of the recipe that at first I balked at like melting the butter directly in the springform pan and then the amount of dark brown sugar, but the one thing that I wanted to skip was the baking of the streusel. It seemed so strange to pulse in a food processor ice cold butter, brown sugar, oats, cinnamon and ginger, and almonds then spread on a baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes.  Though,it smelled wonderful as it baked, and sent me directly to Christmas.  It turned out great and I am glad I stuck strictly to the recipe.

The cake turned out light and airy like an angel food cake but the butter, sugar and fruit topping make a gooey sauce that moistens the cake wonderfully.  At first bite, I thought too sweet but then it just works together in a seemingly decadently delicious treat.  I liked this recipe also because you can make a nice cake without a lot of butter.  You can find the recipe at Marlise's Double Trouble Kitchen and Susan's The Little French Bakery. Thank you for a great recipe choice!


The recipe called for a large 10 inch wide and 3 inch tall spring form pan which I do not have.  I have the standard 9 inch pan not quite 3 inches tall. I made a small individual chiffon cake in a 5 inch springform pan and that compensated for the large amount of batter and created a cute little individual cake.  I made the small cake without the fruit and the sugar topping hardened into a nice crunchy topping.


The baking process...





Teresa said...

Both cakes look beautiful. We stuck to the recipe, too, for the most part and liked the way all the flavours worked together. We'll be making this one again.

Inge and Gillian said...

Great post. Beautiful photos. We also liked this recipe and will be making it again, perhaps substituting the fruit.

Catherine said...

What a beautiful cake! And the little one is darling! It is fun baking with you and I enjoyed your post.
Blessings, Catherine

Cher Rockwell said...

Your cake looks absolutely lovely - so high and fluffy!