July 31, 2012

Daytrip to the Musical Instrument Museum

The Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale is a real treasure.  It has an unassuming and remote location though it is easily accessible by freeways, it has all the flair of a big city museum but located in an undeveloped desert setting.  From the iinteresting architecture and grounds to the large exhibition spaces inside the museum is easy to navigate and filled with interesting artifacts.  The best part of this museums experience is the music heard through the headphones  that are activated as soon as you walk up to a television screen that is looping video of natives from every continent playing the instruments that are on display. We spent many hours their enjoying the exhibits broken up by lunch at the delicious museum cafe.
I did not feel exhausted from reading and absorbing information like I often do when I visit big city museums.  By using auditory senses first the flow of information was gentle and visceral. The music carries you from one exhibit to the next and makes it a unique and interesting place.

Morrocan Drums Untitled gourd marimba Japanese Musical Drama Masks - Noh tortoise shell drums Untitled Great Highland Bagpipe IMG_5590 drum made by and used by children perepelochka - little quail

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