May 16, 2011

Spring Birthday Wishes

ace's cake

ace's birthday dinner

chocolate and vanilla marble cake filled with vanilla pudding and frosted with swiss buttercream served with strawberry/raspberry ice cream (made from berries picked last summer)

chocolate cake with white traditional buttercream icing

birthday dinner


It has been said before, children grow up so quickly. Even knowing intellectually that sage knowledge of my elders, I cannot believe how quickly time has passed! My babies are no longer babies; they firmly have both feet steeped in teenager life. I have so strongly identified with my mothering role and now I feel a shift. A shift that makes my eyes fill with tears but makes my heart happy because this is the path of time and I am grateful for it. Their needs are changing and I must adapt and let them live - let them make their choices - celebrating successes and learning from mistakes. I wish for them to always do their best and keep their minds open.

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