September 13, 2008

New Old Time Favorite

Now I know that Starbucks does not need any more endorsements but I just have rave about their latest blend of Pike's Place. Just as I was starting to really not like Starbucks and I was really thinking it was a totally bland blend of corporate mediocre sameness, they come up with this brew. It takes me back to my college days when sometimes the only money I had was for a cup of coffee at the Coffee Plantation on Mill Avenue (which has sold out to some corporation years ago and is not worth a stop - personality swallowed up and lost). But back when Coffee Plantation was independent and roasting their coffee on site (a new sensations at the time), it was great. Their coffee was rich, robust and flavorful. It was an in between class treat that I remember fondly!

If this is the taste of original Starbucks, then I can see why they became such a great expanding corporate coffee shop. I am glad they dug back to their roots. The Pike's Place roast is worth a try.


ORSprueills said...

I'll have to try that. Are you using it at home in the espresso maker? I haven't made any in a while since it is very hot here and I'm holding off on the AC.

ORSprueills said...

Is this the same as their new anniversary blend? I haven't found the Pike's Place one around here.

Dharm said...

I got your message regarding hosting DBs in Feb. Did you get my reply?? I said Yes!!

W said...

Michelle - it is not the same as the anniversary blend much better. I use it in my drip (which I am considering changing to the french press) and in my espresso machine but I have to pack in a lot to make it strong.
Dharm - I sent you an email. I am glad you able to cohost!