August 7, 2008

Waterfalls Art Installation

In June, I took the Olafur Eliasson's "Waterfalls" tour (the latest public art installation in NYC) with my favorite niece and nephew. There was a definite buzz around the city to get out and see the waterfalls up close. It had the same kind of excitement as Christo's "Gates." The ferry was crowded but we hung out at the South Street Seaport to be first in line because I wanted to take photos without obstacles. The waterfalls were these big scaffolding constructions with water flowing over them. They were without decoration except for their locations. My nephew thought they were "slumming it." I love that art pieces can jar you out of your perception of what art is. When I teach modern art to children, they always associate modern art with scribbling - it always looks easier than it really is.

Of course, the bridges were spectacular along with the Manhattan skyline. New York is such a vibrant city. I have not visited many major cities but NYC stands out as a favorite.


Tina said...

I read something about that exhibit a while back. I would love to see it. Your skyline photo is terrific. I have been to many major US cities, and Toronto. None have even come close to NYC for me. I am head over heels in love with that city! I hope you enjoyed your trip back East.

wmpe said...

Thanks, Tina. We did have a great time back East! It was an interesting exhibit and I really enjoy public art ventures like this. Public art has a big impact but in a subtle way. For instance, driving north on the 101 is just a drive until you reach that area in Scottsdale where there is all that art along the way. It is almost uplifting at least it is more interesting (if you don't get caught in all that photo radar along that area!).

ORSprueills said...

Sorry we won't be up there to see the waterfalls. I would like to take the boys on the Circle Line during our next visit. I first did it in fifth grade and will never forget that first cruise.
Great pictures from your east coast visit.