July 29, 2008

Flower Vision

Irises ready to burst.

This year I was back east a little bit earlier and was able to witness the final showcase of spring flowers. These are from my grandmother's house after some rain. I do love a cloudy day combined with visiting and beautiful flowers just outside the door!

The weather was lovely and cool and all the flowers' colors were just popping off the plants. I wanted to put some the color in my pocket to take home!

The peonies were a passionate display of color, fragrance, and raindrops.

July's black cap harvest!

Mountain laurels are geometrical hoop skirt fantasy flower with a sticky surprise if you chance to pick.

We launched many wishes on dandelion seed parachutes.

Azaela flowers were brilliant pink profusions.

The dogwood bloomed for the entire month of June. I loved how the flowers floated like buttons along the branches.Creamy yellow lemon lilies were sunbursts of color on cloudy days.

Poppies before and after.

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ORSprueills said...

All of them are just beautiful!