October 24, 2007

Fall Break Disney Fun

We spent the Fall Break at Disney and San Diego. My most favorite niece, Miss Sunshine, of all time came out to spend it with us. We had a lot of fun. The kids loved the rides, well, and so did we. California Screamin was running this time so we got to go on it. It was fast and thrilling. We did not get on the newly refurbished finding Nemo submarine ride because the wait was 1 hour. The things I enjoy best about Disney are the themes for every ride, the upbeat feeling of the place and that it brings back so many childhood memories. The kids had a blast. They couldn't get enough of the Grizzly Bear Rafting ride. ACE was begging to get wet. Miss Sunshine carried her rain gear! After three days packed with amusements and laughter we headed to San Diego to kick back and enjoy the peace and quiet of the ocean. We tried Extraordinary Desserts and it was fabulous. I had the Au Chocolate and it was rich and delightful. We ate at the Old Town Mexican Cafe in Old Town San Diego while the handmade tortillas were excellent the wait was long (1 hour) and the noise level was outrageous. They were constantly(by constant I mean they never stopped) calling names over a very bad PA system. By the time we were seated I felt like I had been beat down with noise (conversation at dinner was impossible) and I had a huge headache from the place. The food made up for it a little especially the tortillas. Though the noise level at restaurants these days is crazy - you can't hear which causes everyone around you to talk super loud.... There was a Polish festival at a church at that was a blast. We ate potato pancakes, pierogis, Okocim beer, kielbasa and sauerkraut --yummmy. Linking Miss Sunshine and I back to our heritage. We rented a double bicycle which was great fun to ride with the kids up and down the board walk. I didn't surf because that water is tooo cold though the kids played in the water and sand endlessly- the beach is the best playground. It was a great vacation.

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