August 9, 2007

Our last trip of the summer was spent in wonderful San Diego. It was so nice to relax on the beach, swim and people watch. The water wasn't too cold and the kids loved it. As can be expected, they barely left the water. We had to wrestle their boogie boards away from them so we could enjoy the wave action. I was able to get deep into "Eat, Pray, Love..." which is so good. The author's personal journey is fascinating and very humorous. I started another book "The Best Women's Travel Writers of 2007," edited by Lucy McCauley, and that I cannot put down. This book is a compilation of true stories by well known authors like Barbara Kingsolver and Frances Mayes (Under the Tuscan Sun - her story is amazing for what she gave up and what she gained) to authors being published for the first time. It is official, I have the travel bug. I have always wanted to travel. One of my regrets is that I didn't do the backpacking type traveling when I was young. I don't feel this is closed to me. I imagine a day when the family packs up for a summer to backpack, hostel, b&b around Europe. Oh, yes, "Honey can you take the summer off?"The kids are old enough now to manage small backpacks. I don't subscribe to the "they are too young to appreciate travel" school of thought. Even when my kids were very small (out of diapers and naps and such) I took them places. Farewell Summer! School is around the corner.


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

I would agree that traveling with young children is not wasted at all. When they are older though you maybe very surprised at what they took away from the experience. At home or away, we all take away sometimes vastly different memories.

wmpe said...

I am surprised at what my kids remember especially if it is something from when they were quite small. Thanks for the comment.