August 20, 2007

New Fabric

New fabric is always exciting. I love to put together new fabric combinations and imagine projects. The Amy Butler fabric is so yummy - I am thinking of a purse. The rest, little girl purses and bags. The old sugar sacks I envision in a quilt or other pieces - great graphics. I was in an antique store and found these sugar and flour sacks. I am not a super green type person but I do recycle and have been trying to eat organic. The flour sacks which are a great old muslin I envision reusable grocery totes. The amount of plastic bags we gather in a week is voluminous to say the least. My kids' school recycles them for money but I still want to cut them out entirely. Now I have to work on cutting down on paper towels.

1 comment:

Baking Soda said...

If I could lay my hands on those flour/sugar sacks... I would use some to make handsome cushions, and at least transform one or two into a "postman bag" that you wear diagonally over your shoulder... Great find!