August 9, 2007


When we were in San Diego, I wanted to try this place in La Jolla called Bibby's Creperie. We went and it was closed so I made crepes, which I make fairly regularly. I suppose mine are more of a Hungarian or Swedish pancake. My grandmother made them for us and her mother immigrated from Prague. Granny would cook hers with Crisco. I remember standing next her and between every pancake she would plop maybe a spoonful of Crisco and each pancake would sizzle and fry. I loved those things. I remember my mother rolling up the pancakes and putting them on my plate and cutting them across then down each pancake. I do this for my children and my children love these pancakes. Here's to you Granny in heaven above.

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Rachel said...

I love your Crepes!! They always taste so much better at your house. .... I don't remember you using Crisco, I hope... Ha