July 25, 2007

Strawberries and Cherries

Early summer fruit picking is a joy. Cherry trees are true beauties. The succulent fruit dangling so temptingly. It is hard not eat as much you buy. After buying the cherries I decided I would bring home frozen cherries. I bought a cherry pitter and got to work. Well pitting cherries is a long process (made easier by good conversation with my mom and sister). I made some cooked cherry sauce and decided I don't like cooked cherries. I have never had homemade cherry pie (only the kind made from the supermarket can) and didn't like that. I don't like maraschino cherries either. I now have pitted frozen cherries that I need to do something with -- I was thinking maybe a cherry cocktail or I don't know. Further investigation is needed.

Strawberry picking was different this year, apparently, the life a field is 4-5 years and then need to be replanted. We picked on this field that gave us delicious smaller strawberries. Still good for me. I live off these strawberries all year. Such a treat long after strawberry season is gone.

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