July 25, 2007


We took a trip into NYC by train and enjoyed the sights. Every year we eat at John's Pizza on 44th St. Off of Times Square. It is the best pizza. The right combination of a thin crisp crust but chewy too. Fresh ingredients too. Pizza places here in the desert could learn a thing a two by just using good quality cheese. We went to Mulberry Street for dinner and it was very nice. On the weekends during the summer, Little Italy closes its streets to traffic and all the restaurants pull tables outside. We had pastries and gelato from a pastry shop that were only so-so. I am sure better is to be found in the city. We did go to Soho Patchwork and Soho Purl and they are perfect little stores. They are worth the trek downtown (we went by subway and missed the stop and had to backtrack).

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