May 10, 2007

I baked my son's birthday cake. He requested a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. I used the "Cake Bible's" yellow cake recipe and, as usual, her recipes are so sensitive to overcooking. I cooked a tad bit too long and it was a smidge dry. Or maybe it is her recipes. I weighed all the ingredients made temperature and time adjustments for my convection oven and it was still over-cooked by just a few minutes. It was still tasty, I am told since I have a mega sinus infection and can't taste a thing but I could detect the dryness. I will have to try again.


Culinarily Curious said...

How beautiful. Homemade cake and icecream specially requested and created with love -- your son's going to have some amazing birthday memories to look back on when he grows up!

valentina said...

What a lucky boy to have mum who bakes! The cake looks lovely.